Who are we ?

The Genesis took place during a medical cluster carried by the CCI Haute Vienne in June 2014. The meeting of Philippe MAZIERE, expert in architecture of information system and leader of a recognized IT services company (Celios Conseils) and a distributor Local of Medical Devices.

This meeting has highlighted a clear need in the management of control flows in medical devices.

Supported by the CCI, BPI and a committed incubator, the two protagonists have combined their expertise and experience to create a “start up” structure.

The name of “Orence” was chosen to recall a famous watercourse of the region: Aurence. A marketing and graphic study validates the “O” to the detriment of “Au”.

With a development team comming from Celios Group and a sales manager, Orence Service is developing several innovative projects, including the first Orence DM, which aims to dematerialize and facilitate the management of medical devices

Our Values

Human aspects
Confidentiality and Ethics
Participatory Approach